You Look Yummy Today!

You Look Yummy Today!


We never thought of ourselves as raisin people (no offense to you if you are), and we certainly never thought of ourselves as oatmeal people, but it turns out that we are both. These are the cookies that we find most irresistible now. We top with a sprinkle of Maldon salt. They are chewy and perfectly acceptable for breakfast.  Salty Sweet “Mighties” are oversized cookies, which makes it easier to stop after one cookie, but just in case you can’t, each bag has three.

Ingredients: whole grain oats, unbleached wheat flour, salted butter (contains milk), light brown sugar, raisins, raw cane sugar, eggs, vanilla (vodka, vanilla beans), rum, salt, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch), baking soda

3 cookies / bag

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