Free Shipping on all orders when you spend $50 or more (usa only)

Free Shipping on all orders when you spend $50 or more (usa only)


Word is out that caramel is the new chocolate! You can quote us on that. If you need a gift for yourself or the caramel fanatic in your life, Salty Sweet has got you covered. We have paired our Caramel Crunch cookies with our signature Chocolate Chip cookies and our 1/2 pound bag of Matzo Crunch for a caramel overload only the dedicated lovers can live to tell about! This gift box contains:

-3 Chocolate Chip Mighties
-3 Caramel Crunch Mighties
-1/2 lb bag of Matzo Crunch

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MIGHTIES-6 cookies/box, 14oz
For those who prefer their cookies on the mighty side, the Mighty makes it easier to stop after one cookie, but just in case you can’t there are 6 cookies to choose from!

1/2 POUNDER-8oz bag
A half stack of our beautifully cut Matzo Crunch. Please note that summertime causes product to stick together, refrigerate immediately! To eat them like the pro's do: put in a zip lock and store them in the freezer, we love to eat our Matzo Crunch frozen!

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