Free Shipping on all orders over $70 (USA Only)

Free Shipping on all orders over $70 (USA Only)

About Us

In 2012, a determined woman in San Francisco quit her job in finance to pursue a higher calling: to introduce the world to the best cookie on Earth. After two years of testing and tasting, the mission of Salty Sweet remains deliciously simple: to make the most magnificent cookie you’ll eat. Ever.

Since we believe every nuance of flavor separates the mediocre from the sublime, we’re committed to using the highest quality ingredients. We make our own vanilla extract, soaking the beans in vodka for months and have created our very own chocolate blend.

We source the flour and chocolate we use from respected local companies, Giusto's and Guittard. And you can bet that the snowflake-like sea salt we use to top our cookies has exactly the essence required to tickle your tastebuds with that harmonious balance of salt and sweet.

Baked to a part crisp-mostly chewy perfection, our mission has been accomplished. Because now you, too, will accept nothing less in a cookie.